Keys & Access Cards

Our Buildings

The buildings we provide access to include:

  • Farquharson Life Science Building (FLS) - YUCard
  • Farquharson Life Science Building (FLS) Vivaria - White Access Card
  • Life Science Building (LSB) - White Access Card & YUCard
  • Lumbers Building (LB) - White Access Card & YUCard
Key Request Application Process
  • Fill in the Key and Access Card Request Form for both NEW access and EXTENSION of current access.
  • The form will be automatically sent to your Manager/Supervisor upon completion.
  • Your Manager/Supervisor will forward the approved form to the Biology Accounts Assistant (Avalon Moore) at
  • The Biology Accounts Assistant will contact you when your keys are ready for pickup.
  • Research Staff and Students are required to pay a $15 deposit per key. A $10 refund per key will be issued upon return.
Required Information
  • Employee or Student Number
  • York University email address
  • Start and End Date of Access
  • A copy of your Required Certification Documents (WHMIS II, BioSafety, etc.)